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Shook and his Yamaha CP-70

Introduction: How it all started..

Shook is named Jasper in real life. And my name is Thomas. We are both quite your regular kind of guys. We don’t drive expensive cars. We don’t own huge villas in Beverly Hills. And we certainly do not consider money as the most important metric for measuring the success of our collaboration.

Jasper and I met a few years ago. We both were hospitalised for a longer period of time. We both carry around a true appreciation for life. As well as for the talents we’ve been so carefully crafting since birth.

Although our stories and talents are totally different, our paths crossed and here we are. I mark this day as the end of the most successful week of Shook. This case study will tell you how it got to this point. …

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I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you more about my tiny little marketing agency. In this blog you can read about three specific case studies that have been conducted during these challenging times.

While writing this I am aware of that fact this might turn into a long-read. As I am a “creative business developer”, I’d like to improvise and learn by doing. Therewith I write this story in one flow. I just wanted you to know this upfront. This might address the certain changes I will make during this writing in relation to my initial intentions.

The purpose of this…

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Convert Remote Working into a Marketing Tool with Facebook Live Broadcast

Hello there. This is a little article that will show you how we at CME turned our remote working environment into a great and effective marketing tool on Facebook with some simple free tools that are available to every remotely working team.

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Welcome to the world of BluetoothMIDI — Wireless MIDI — BLE MIDI

Wireless MIDI? What about latency?

Many people (including engineers) who did not try Bluetooth MIDI assume a lot of things about latency with MIDI over Bluetooth.

MIDI is a serial based protocol that has been developed in the early 80s. It is not amazingly fast to begin with.

Bluetooth has been rapidly developing over the last decade. It handles a few megabits per seconds easily.

Therewith it is easy to say that MIDI over Bluetooth is capable of offering a professional low latency solution for musicians and producers. Both on stage and in the studio.

Roger Linn, the legendary designer behind the LM-1, MPC and LinnDrum, talks about WIDI Master and his MPE-based in Linnstrument by Roger Linn…

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More info

Last week CME introduced an early concept of its new WIDI Master. It essentially offer a complete solution for wireless MIDI over Bluetooth.

I hear you say: “that has been done before”. It has been done. It was even done by CME itself introducing MIDI solutions with (2015) and advanced Bluetooth over MIDI connectivity with (2016).

Today there is also a solution on the market from Yamaha. Their MD-BT01 only offers a one way Bluetooth Peripheral (slave) solution. That is why it only works with a computer or iOS device in the network.

WIDI Master offers a 5-Pin MIDI solution that can work in both master and slave mode. It is a fully standalone solution that is powered out of the MIDI port it is attached to. …

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Reclouder is live on Indiegogo!

Crowdfunding is the most exciting way to validate a new product. It offers fascinating opportunities to build a community and it is an effective form to get feedback from future customers.

That is why we chose to go live on Indiegogo! With Reclouder we offer a different (decentralised) way to record audio. It is a contrasting approach that combines relatively new technologies with traditional ways to record audio.

The most useful feedback came from people that disliked our product idea at first. The most rewarding form of engagement is when you can convert this person into a believer.

Shook announces new album and single Mind up
Shook announces new album and single Mind up
Mind Up (Single): Friday October 11, 2019 | Music for City and Nature (Album): Friday November 8, 2019

Shook returns with a diligent new album Music for City and Nature. While regaining his health due to severe illness, Shook acquired a newfound appreciation for the simple things in life. Now fully recovered, he returns to his home in the city. This is where he is confronted with an immense amount of impulses. Shook gently processes this new experience into a vivacious musical creation.

Mind Up tells the harmonic story of a young adolescent caught in the chaos of daily life. …

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Remember iTunes? A story about cloud-based audio recording

Remember iTunes?

That was the time everyone downloaded music on computers with hard disks and transferred music to portable MP3 players.

Today everybody is streaming music from massive servers using a wide range of mobile devices. You can listen to music anytime, anywhere and you always have access to this amazing cloud catalog of valuable sounds.

Back in the days people recorded and listened to music using tapes and vinyl. Until this day audiophiles still believe this delivers the best quality in recorded music. In the past 50 years a lot has changed, but these methods are still valid and widely used.

IoT and the 5Gs

New technology did arrive. The production process is changing. …


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